Diplomacy Spielleiter Resourcen - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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Sorry, the DGMR pages are not yet available in English. But: don't let that stop you from using (and hopefully enjoying) them! You don't need to understand the text, since it's merely a description of the picture below it.
If you want to download one of the various file-sets for DIPLO 2.8x, just click on the Name, or on the word download (or downloaden) in the text.

How to install a new version (file-set) of DIPLO:
in every ZIP-file you'll find three files, named Standard.bmp, StandardUnit.bmp and Standard._ps . Copy them into your DIPLO folder and overwrite the original three files that have the same name. (if you want the original files back, just download the version ORIGINAL28 - or reinstall DIPLO 2.8x).
For more information about these files, check out the homepage of DIPLO 2.8x.

If you created a version that is not yet on DGMR, please email it to me...
   (...as attached ZIP-file - or send me a link, where I can download it).
If you have seen a version somewhere in the internet, that is not available via DGMR, please let me know the URL, so that I can ask the owner of the webpage to give me the files.

If you like (or dislike) the DGMR page, or have suggestions of how to improve it, feel free send me an email.

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